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Hi! I’m Jem!

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I finished my bachelor’s degree as Computer Science that’s why I’m into technologies.
This is also the reason why I’m efficient in computer.
But being in the Industry of Information Technology openend my eyes that there’s a lot more out there to learn. And the more I know, the more I know that I dont know.
That is why I never stop learning and I am always hungry for more.

I am always a learner. I like technologies. I like innovation. If there’s a problem I meet I will always find ways to make a solution.

To provide a top-notch innovative service by using the skills I have acquired through my 6 years experience in the Information Technology world.

Your company can leverage from my efficient computer and internet skills, having fun in learning new technologies and digital tools or applications and determination to excel in any field I am in.

I am innovative, positive and passionate girl who always want to learn new things and very much dedicated in whatever I do.
And  I always strive for excellence of anything I am into.

I have quite a number of skills in the field of facebook ads, social media marketing, and virtual assistant which includes the following:

  • I know how to use Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager
  • I know how to use Facebook Audience Insights to research for demographics for Facebook Ads
  • I know how to use Similarweb – (FREE but limited views to other result, $199/Month) Get insights for any website or app
  • I know how to use Quantcast – (FREE) you can get the demographics of your target niche here
  • I know how to use SocialAdNinja – ( $147.00/Month) you can see same ad of your target niche
  • I know to create landing pages and Thank You pages on unbounce.com – (30 days FREE trial, $49/Month)
  • I know to create landing pages and Thank You pages on leadpages.net  (14 days FREE trial, $37/Month)
  • I know how to create landing pages Clickfunnels – (14 days FREE trial, $97/Month)
  • I know how to use Mailchimp  (FREE, $10/Month)
  • I know how to use Ontraport
  • I know how to use ActiveCampaign – (14 days FREE trial, $9/Month)
  • I know how to use GetResponse
  • I know how to use BenchmarkEmail – (FREE trial, $9.95/Month)
  • I know how to maintain a wordpress site – Publish new Post, new Page, edit a Page, edit Post, etc.
  • I know how to install plugins in wordpress
  • I know how to provide automation. When you post on your Instagram account, it will automatically post on your fb page, fb profile, twitter, linkedin or any other social media sites that IFTTT supports
  • I know how to use dropbox – (FREE up to 2GB) online storage
  • I know how to use Google Forms – (FREE)
  • I know how to use Google Docs – (FREE) Document, Presentation & Spreadsheet
  • I know how to create Powerpoint Presentation
  • I can transcribe your video or audio into words
  • I know how to edit videos
  • I know how to edit pictures
  • I know how to create posters for fb campaigns or other social media campaigns
  • I know how to use Canva – (FREE, $1/poster)
  • I know how to add additional tab for your facebook fan page – (FREE)
  • I know how to use bitly – (FREE) for customization of link and for shorter link, and you can know the statistics on how many audience you click your link
  • I know how to use Trello – (FREE)  for project management, for tracking all your works
  • I know how to use HootSuite, TweetDeck & Buffer– (FREE) for social media management
  • I know how to use wufoo – (FREE,$14.95/Month) an online form builder with cloud storage database
  • I know how to use Jing – (FREE)
  • I know how to use Klipfolio – for metrics

And other tools:

  • Prezi
  • iDoneThis
  • Evernote
  • Pinterest
  • Picmonkey
  • Scribd
  • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Woobox
  • RaffleCopter
  • Social Mention

When you want to do something and you didn’t know how to do that, you can just instruct me in details what you want to do and what I will do is search on how to do that, then I will apply and give you the result that you want.
Example in this scenario is my client wants to replace the pdf in the wordpress site without changing the current url of that pdf because the link is integrated to the opt-in and changing it might destroy the process in her campaign or when you change the current url of that pdf, you will change a lot of urls. So it is really best to not replace the pdf link.
So what I do is search on how to replace the pdf media without changing the link (because you know in the wordpress, you can’t replace the media, what you can just do is edit that media or upload new and when you upload new media, it will give you new url and that’s out of the way), and then I find a plugin that says it can do what my client wants (the plugin name is Enable Media Replace) and then, I download and install the plugin, and try it for some other files first, and when I checked that it works, I tried it to the pdf file my clients wants to replace and then it works. And when it works, I report it immediately to my client and she is very happy to my work.

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